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Congratulations on your special day! ✨

Our artisan, vegan mini candles are perfect as guest favours. Our soy candles with dried flowers add that extra touch of elegance to a wedding day ✨

Your labels will be personalised with your names and the date of your wedding.

A selection of scents to choose from

Dried Flowers-
A selection of dried flowers to choose from which can also be personalised to your own bouquet. Please message us to find out if we can accommodate.

Size Details ;
* Material : High quality aluminum.
* ; 60ml-2.68” L x 2.68” W x 0.98”H
* Capacity 2 oz./60

Size Details ;
* Material : High quality aluminum.
* Size: 30ml-2.04”L x 2.04”W x 0.79”H
* Capacity: 1oz./30ml

Quick note: Production timings can vary. We aim to dispatch within 3 days. For a more specific timeframe please message us.

We look forward to being a small part of your beautiful day.

Thank you,

Aimee, at Bear Bay ✨✨✨

Candle Care & Tips ✨
✨Trim your wick before each lighting.
✨ Allow the wax to melt out to the edge of the tin or jar to create a wax pool. This will prevent tunnelling & will give your candle a longer life.
✨ Always burn candles within sight and never burn for more than 4 hours.

Wedding Favours

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