Enchanted Twilight Candle with Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystals & Dried Rose Buds


Infused with lavender buds and creamy notes of white honey milk this candle will bring you feelings of peace & utter bliss when lit. 


The Amethyst crystal gives you balance, stimulating peace & dreams. This crystal has the properties to become your higher self. t calms anxiety and balances fear and excess. Amethyst gently stimulates dreams and visions, inspiring you to become your highest self. There are countless colours and shapes of Amethyst, each with slightly different properties.


Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals on Earth & the most versatile. Clear Quartz amplifies energy and thought, acting as a powerful aid to psychic perception. It balances and revitalizes the subtle bodies and brings all the chakras into harmony. Clear Quartz makes an excellent “memory stone” because of its ability to absorb, store, and release energy.


What I like to do is pick out my crystals before lighting my candle. People carry them in their pockets throughout their day, sleep with them under their pillow at night or even just use as pretty decoration. Either way, this candle is a must have!


Limited time only 


8oz Soy Candle

Wood Wick



T W I L I G H T . C R Y S T A L