This stunning 300ml vegan personalised soy candle is the perfect engagement gift, with a personalised label for your loved one ✨🌱💍

Beautifully presented in a high quality glass jar with bamboo lid filled with eco natural soy wax.

Natural Dried Flowers.
Crackling Wood Wick.

Your label is always unique so please add your description. We can work together to make sure your design is perfect ✨

Hand poured in Somerset 💛

30+ hour burn time 🕯

Each candle is personal to me & I strive to make each one perfect for every customer ✨

Thank you,

Aimee, at Bear Bay ✨✨✨

Candle Care & Tips ✨
✨Trim your wick before each lighting.
✨ Allow the wax to melt out to the edge of the tin or jar to create a wax pool. This will prevent tunnelling & will give your candle a longer life.
✨ Always burn candles within sight and never burn for more than 4 hours

Engagement Gift