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"...We absolutely LOVE these candles"

Hand made in Somerset, Bear Bay Soy Candles aims to deliver the highest quality Soy candle experience. We live in an age where self-care and relaxation often come second to work and daily stresses. So when you are looking to relax, kick back, put your feet up, set the mood - Bear Bay Soy Candles are here to give you the best candle experience.


We only use the highest quality ingredients and materials and pride ourselves on using ONLY soy wax - the best wax -  creating a candle experience that is safe in your home emitting zero toxins. Remember, standard paraffin-based candles emit carcinogenic toxins that are not safe for the body. 


We are dedicated to ensuring Bear Bay Soy Candles offers the highest quality candles, individually made by hand making each candle unique! 


Our Story... 


Hello my fellow candle lovers! 


I’m Aimee the founder of Bear Bay Soy Candles, here is a little bit about us...


We are a small family ran business that started from my little kitchen in Somerset at the beginning of 2020. Everything we do is handmade with love and care. We are a sustainable, vegan and Eco friendly business - this was so important to me because I wanted to make a product that I was proud of, a product that I was happy to put my daughters names to; Sky ‘Bear’ and Freya ‘Bay’. 


Pop in and have a browse through our shop, we really hope you love them. 


Aimee - Bear Bay Soy Candles


Go on and browse our online store and find your perfect candle. We have candles to suit all occasions and a fragrance to suit all moods. Whether you're buying a candle as a gift, or a well-deserved treat, we will make sure you are perfectly happy with your candle.

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